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Teething. Los Dientes!

Yes, Adrian is getting his teeth and the first one that’s already out didn’t give him so much pain (if you click on the picture you can see it real big and see the tooth), it came out all of a sudden! But the second one has hurt lots more. This past week has been harder, he got a little fever for the first time in his little life and woke up during the night every hour. He also has a runny nose. I have given him lots of things to help him out. One of them is the little food net (mi tía Reyna gave him this, gracias Tía!) which holds anything you can think of inside a net and it has a handle. This time I placed frozen fruit in it and he liked it for a while. He chewed and chewed. Well, this is the second tooth so there’s still many more to come, nature is amazing!

Today my mom took him to the museum meanwhile we where listening to a resort presentation (which we didn’t buy) and when we came and pick him up he was all full of cracker! He had lots of fun looking at art and eating my mom says. It’s always so hard to pick the pictures, I love them all, I’m probably like any other first mom, shooting away!!..Oh, and wait till I get a new camera that will be coming soon!

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    Elvira Munoz
    September 25, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    Hola aqui como siempre muy sorprendida y feliz por este nuevo logro. La nueva cara del blog Mami talks. Me gusta mucho, ahora le debo dedicar mas tiempo para revisar las mil y una cosa interesante. Good Look!

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