When Adrian was born…

Since I just started this blog today (6 months after Adrian was born), I want to talk a little bit of of how it was when he was born and show you some pictures too.

…I did like to be pregnant, but I most say that I did wanted it to be finished with it too, so my due date was November 9th and it wasn’t until the 11th that I started feeling contractions, they started at about 12 noon. I called Derek who was at work and told him what was happening, I said not to rush cause they seemed to be little and short, but by 4pm they started getting crazy fast and big, so we where at the hospital by 6pm. I was not so dialated yet but I soon broke the water and the contractions where paiiiiiiinful.
I had to have oxygen, a strobe put on to Adrian’s head and an IV stuck to me, so lets say I wasn’t so comfortable, but after the epidural came it was Una Maravilla!
I started pushing at 2am and 22 min after Adrian was born! At that point we still didn’t know if he was an Adrian or a Maya 😉 and the first one that yelled it’s a boy, it’s a boy was Derek. It was the most amazing experience in my life and even though it was so painful at one point, I’m ready to do it again and again! The energy and emotion of this moment is the most exciting and beautiful thing! Here are some emotional pictures of that experience and some pictures of the little bebé Adrian.

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    October 12, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    Que belleza, que bendicion :0)

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