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Sleeping Pills

Adrian has been secretly taking some pills so he can sleep. They’re called “déjalo llorar” or “let him cry”. But this gordito hasn’t been crying so much either! He’s so good. This weekend we started another boot camp for making him sleep thru the night and he’s making it just fine. I’m so happy and I still can’t believe it! We should have done this a couple of months ago!! We slept in the living room (cause we have only one bedroom in our apartment) so he can be alone in the bedroom and when he woke up during the night he didn’t see us. He really woke up a couple of times the first night and we went in there to calm him down it worked pretty quickly. The second night it was 2 times, again he calmed down pretty quick and the third night we he calmed down himself really fast! He only fussed a little and went right back to sleep plus he is sleeping almost 13 hours!! WOW! and he is now getting used to nap 2 times a day for 1 hour each in a schedule that I finally made up for him. Today he woke up at 9am then by 11 (his nap time) he was practically begging me to put him to sleep, amazing!!!

Another picture of Adrian sleeping. He seems to love the corners of his crib 😉
Our thanks to Dorothy and Nicolina for the great advise on this amazing technique!

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    pati @-;--
    November 6, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Creo que me voy a revisar tu blog desde el principio para tomar consejo, Dari.

    ¡Qué bello Adrián!

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