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Bedtime routine! Rutina de ir a dormir!

Around a week ago we started a bedtime routine with Adrian. It consists of taking a bath, reading a book or 2, breastfeeding or not (depends if he is hungry) and then into the crib (sometimes a little lullaby) and leave him alone in the room. So we try to do this around 8pm every night. At the beginning he started screaming when we left him in his crib, so we let him cry for 5 min then come back and help him out and leave the room. We did that, increasing gradually the time we came back to the room and I’m proud to say that he’s got it down now!!!!! We leave him in the crib and he doesn’t cry so much or not at all and he knows to go to sleep, soo cute! It seems that he learns everything so fast but at the same time every new milestone we face is full with challenges, like listening to him crying and not being able to cuddle him and rock him to sleep, that was hard.
In the picture you can tell today he ended up in the corner of the crib 😉

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