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Día de Playa – Beach Day

We had a very cool beach day today. We went to Santa Monica, sunny day, not so windy, lots of people, snacks closeby, water a little cold as usual… Of course, compared to those Caribbean beaches I miss SOOO much and that are so warm and… (sigh – suspiro)!
…Anyways, I can’t complain at all because at least we have the beach very close by and I love that about living in LA, plus the whole US west coast just hours away, and come on…it’s Southern California!! Si, si me gusta 😉
Ok, now that Adrian is with us, going to the beach takes a little more time and more STUFF!! But we figured out an easier way to bring all the stuff from the car to the beach, even if the stroller we use is not fit for the beach, it can be done by a pretty ingenious system. See for yourself!

This is the second time Adrian has been to the beach and I think the first time he wasn’t very aware (he was about 6 months) because he liked it before but today going to the water was a little scary! Pareciera que dijera: Noooooo, no me gusta mami 🙁 …claro hijo, yo entiendo, está muy frría!

But we did have some fun staying far from the water and the sand, just banging toys, eating, clapping and we even played peekaboo. We’ll make it back soon cause the summer is just started! Más playa!

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    July 18, 2007 at 3:15 pm

    Feliciades por este bebe tan lindo, Dios los bendiga a todos. Santiago Muñoz y familia

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