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The second mamá

They love her!

Rossy is like Adrian and Maya’s second mother. She took care of Adrian for 3 years day after day. He started going to her daycare when he was 1. And it was hard because he cried and cried for a week, I was very worried that he wouldn’t be able to stay more! But after that he changed, and when we went and picked him up at the end of the day he didn’t want to leave sometimes! –Maya has been with Rossy since she was 3 months and she says that Maya stole her heart!

Today Rossy needs to take time off, lots of time off. So we had to find another daycare.

When she told me, she dropped a bomb on me. Having a trusted person that takes care of the kids is the most important thing a working mami like me relies on! And I consider Rossy like family now so it was one less thing to worry about. But oh well, life is life, we had to look for a new daycare and found another good place for them. Adrian also started Preschool right now so it is technically a good moment for changes.

I took some pictures of Rossy and the kids the last day and gave them to her, I think photos are the best present there is because they stay with us forever as a memory. I also promised to take Maya and Adrian once in a while when we need to go out so she can spend time with them!

Rossy, we are so thankful for all your loving care, we love you so much!! Gracias!

Rossy y Maya

Rossy es como la segunda mamá de Adrian y de Maya. Ella cuidó a Adrian por 3 años! El empezó a ir con ella desde que tenía un añito, fué un poco dificil al principio porque Adrian lloró mucho, como por 1 semana, yo estaba muy preocupada, pero después de eso todo estuvo muy bien y se acostumbró. A veces habían días en que lo recojíamos y Adrian no se quería regresar con nosotros! –Maya está con Rossy desde los 3 meses y Rossy dice que Maya le ha robado el corazón!
Pero ahora Rossy necesita tomarse un tiempo libre muy largo y no los puede seguir cuidando.

Por lo que tuvimos que buscar otra guardería. Cuando ella me dijo eso fué como que me soltara una bomba! La verdad tener a una persona de confianza que te apoya es una de las cosas más importantes para una mami trabajadora como yo. Yo considero a Rossy como parte de la familia así que tenerla a ella de ayuda era una cosa menos de que preocuparme. Pero bueno, así es la vida y hay que continuar, ya encontramos otra guardería, aparte Adrian acaba de empezar a ir al prescolar así que tecnicamente es un momento bueno para cambios!

Les tomé fotos a los tres el último día y le regalé las fotos a Rossy, las fotos son uno de los mejores regalos que hay pienso yo, porque se quedan allí de recuerdo para siempre. También le prometí que les traía a los niños de vez en cuando para que los cuidara mientras que nosotros salimos de parranda!
Rossy, estamos muy agradecidos por todo lo que has hecho por los niños y por todo el amor que les has brindado a los niños, te queremos muchísimo!! Gracias!!

Adrian, Rossy y Maya

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    September 28, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    The worst thing about moving from our beloved day care center to another was losing the friendships that we've built over the years. I think it was so much tougher on me than it was on Izzy. I couldn't stop crying but figured that these women were gonna be part of Izzy's life even after we were gone…and they still are.

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    September 28, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Cecy, I think so too! I still get teary eyes when I write this and when I read your comment. It's hard to change!!

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    October 12, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    Its really happy reading what she does for others And what she get is love , There is no pice for that.

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