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    Our New Kitty Lokis – written by Maya

    new kitty Lokis

    Maya wrote this as an assignment about our new kitty in class (she is in fifth grade), I thought it was such a great article so I asked her if I could post it here and she could translate it herself into Spanish. She said yes so please enjoy! I love to read it and see our adoption process from her perspective! I’m so proud!!

    One day I was sitting at home finishing my homework, my mom comes in and asks “Are you done with your work?” I was almost done so I said “No, but in like 2 minutes I will. Why?” “ I don’t want to get you too excited.”- she answered. So once I finished I came over to her as she said “Look, aren’t they so cute?” – “OMG, they’re ADORABLE!! Are we adopting a kitten?!?” “yes” Continue Reading

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    ¿Qué es un presupuesto familiar?

    Muchas veces cuando escuchamos la palabra presupuesto familiar, creemos que significa que la familia tiene que usar poco dinero o que el presupuesto es bajo, pero no es así. Tener un…