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    Communal Coffee in North Park: Much More than Coffee!

    Kids at Communcal Coffee shop in San Diego -

    There are so many new coffee shops popping out around the city that it’s hard to keep up! Communal Coffee is in North Park, a very trendy area of San Diego, I learned about it through Instagram, which is one of my favorite ways to learn about new places.

    All of a sudden, I’m browsing my feed and somebody post a nice photo of a place so I get curious and immediately look to see if it’s in San Diego; if it is, I write it down in my list of places to go visit.

    I went to Communal Coffee with the kids during our staycation, they enjoyed an Orangina and some baked goods. We arrived there at the end of the afternoon (around 4:30) and they close at 6pm so they didn’t have many pastries left, in case you plan to go, keep that in mind! Continue Reading