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    Three Days Potty Training Success!

    You know, there are always those stages about the kids that all parents say, oh I miss that, they’re growing so fast and blah, blah, blah. Well not in the case of potty training! This is one stage I am happy to be done with! Proud and happy because we don’t have anymore diapers around the house and it was done basically in 3 days! 3 days potty training success!

    As it happened with the three day potty training for Adrian I am amazed.

    The beginning was the hardest; planning a 3 day weekend to stay at home doing this was super hard for me, nothing to look up to really, except for the fact that she would be done with diapers.

    Derek and Adrian were out on Friday for work and school, so it was easy to focus on Maya and then on Saturday and Sunday Derek took Adrian out for long periods of time, so it was mostly Maya and me at home, which made it easy, I concentrated on her and as you know, I had my potty training checklist, so lots of activities prepared, fun different ways to drink liquids and lots of prizes.

    She loved them all but her most favorite was doing crafts with glue, she used up the whole glue bottle I had! Continue Reading