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Cumpleaños Feliz…

Te deseamos a tí… cumpleaños Aaaadriaaan …Cumpleaños feliz!

In general, I want to say we had an excellent time that day, everything was so worth it. all the details, all the running around, the last minute decisions… We had fun! and that’s what counts right? Plus we have great memories of it. Anyways, it wasn’t in my plans to have a piñata and my mom was insisting on the idea about 6 months ago but I thought there wasn’t going to be many kids in the party, so I said no. Although when I got so many rsvps saying YES we’ll be there I got excited and the day before I went and got it. Good thing we are close to Mexico and they have the same tradition of piñatas and all those mexican party shops are closeby so I went there and done. And the result was cheverísimo!! All kids of all ages 😉 had fun with the piñata. Adrian was not as excited but he did have fun grabbing and eating the candy on the floor afterwards.
The park was great and the weather that day couldn’t of been better. My mom cooked some delicious food and also was able to stay put in the park reserving it for about 3 hours!! Dari, my sister ran errands with my brother in law that day, and of course other creative parts like the cake decoration and ideas for favors (which I still don’t have a picture of -I will upload it to flickr when I take it so check there for an update).
Adrian got so many gifts, thanks everybody, he loved everything, he plays with all of the toys and they are great because they keep him entertained for a while.
I am ready to plan the 2nd birthday party and I have experience for a 2nd 1st birthday also!! hahaha! someday!

Here are some pictures of the party and if you want to see more go here

Blowing out the candle

La piñata was a hit!

I love how the cake and the cupcakes turned out, so cute!

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  • Reply
    November 20, 2007 at 1:12 am

    La primera foto es de revista! Ese niño es un príncipe ♥

    Yo las vi toditas ayer en Flickr y me quedé con ganas de ver más. Es como haber ido al cumpleaños. Los cupcakes y la torta me gustaron tanto como las invitaciones.

    Te felicito, qué lindo todo. Nada como la ilusión de hacer nuestra primera fiesta de cumpleaños, verdad?

  • Reply
    José Antonio
    November 20, 2007 at 11:43 am

    Desde Tenerife tu tío-abuelo te desea muchísimas felicidades por tu primer año y que cumplas muchísimos mas. Cariños y abrazos para todos.

  • Reply
    November 24, 2007 at 6:46 am

    Jacqui: Gracias!! La verdad es que si es una ilusión y me gustó mucho como quedó todo así que podemos decir que a Adrián también.. jaja.

    Tío!!!!: Que alegría saber que pasaste por aquí, muchos besos de tu familia de Los Angeles. Cuando nos visitan??

  • Reply
    November 25, 2007 at 10:23 pm

    que bello todo! el gordo precioso, los cupcakes y la torta!!! .. preparate q lo que viene es bueno… Manu esta terrible!!!!!

  • Reply
    November 27, 2007 at 7:05 pm

    Ay Dani, no me digas eso que ya Adrian está demostrando sus pequeñitos berrinches 🙁

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