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Thursday, July 09, 2009

We're taking a little break

We're not out on vacation or anything like that but I just need a break from the digital world. I'll be back soon!
I leave you with 2 pictures of Adrian's first dentist visit, it was great!

No es que estemos de vacaciones ni nada por el estilo, pero necesito un pequeño descanso del mundo digital. Regreso pronto!
Les dejo 2 fotos de la primera visita de Adrian al dentista, nos fué muy chévere!

Look at the waiting room, it looks like a playground!
Esta es la sala de espera, parece un parquesito infantil!


  1. Have a break... have a Kit-Kat".

  2. El verano anima a descansar... fuera de casa... vuelve cuando quieras, te esperamos.

  3. Go on and relax.

    Besos, mua mua.


  4. Adorable pics! Have a nice break and definitely relax!

  5. Aqui te estaremos esperando, que te diviertas y relajes!!

  6. Nena que descanses y se la pasen super estos días. El pediatra de Héctor también tiene en ese estilo su consultorio, no es genial?


  7. Haha! That's great! That last picture with him holding the dinosaur looks like the cover of a greeting card.

  8. Hola Dari! Great pics as usual. I love the self-portrait. Looks like a cool class you are taking. Did I see something different in you, you ask? Nah, just the same, sweet, beautiful old Dari that I've always known. :)
    I love the dentist pics. Adrian is getting so big.
    I got your message. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well with this pregnancy. Perhaps it's a girl! Are you going to find out the sex?
    Talk to you soon...

  9. I know the feeling of needing a break from the digital world. It's really time consuming! Thanks for your posts!


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