Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dressing-up no matter the occasion

El otro día hubo una reunioncita en la casa, y no era tan elegante, pero tenía que aprovechar la ocación de vestir a Adrian con algo más que jeans y franela.
Yo disfruto mucho vistiéndolo, aunque pues no tiene todas las opciones de las niñas la verdad uno le puede poner tantas cosas chéveres y ponerlo lindo, verdad que se veía lindo?
 Con tía Dari /  With aunt Dari 

The other day there was a little get-together at the house. It wasn't so elegant for a tie, but I had to take advantage and dress Adrian up with something that's not jeans and a t-shirt.

I really enjoy dressing him, even though he doesn't have as many options as a little girls do, there are many ways I can make him look so handsome! Didn't he look handsome?

Con sus manos en la boca porque tenía "pena"
 With his hands in his mouth because he was "shy"

Aquí si posó / He did pose here!

Ya después disfrutó / Having fun later

Maya no estaba elegante estaba cuchi!
Maya wasn't dressed-up but she was cute!


  1. a mi tambien me gusta vertirlo bien a Kung Fu Baby cuando salimos, cuando tenia tre meses nos invitaron a una boda y le compre su camisa manga larga, corbata y chaleco.. se veia tan bellooooo.. Hay que aprovechar ahora que se ponen lo que uno quiere, ya despues no lo dejan a uno ni opinar.. jajajajaja

  2. He does look muy guapo! Your sister looks muy bonita as well!!!
    Miss you guys...

  3. Enorrrrrrrrrme Adrián vestido "de luces", me fascina su corbata, es un galán reguapeton!

  4. Dariela! Lindos! Los dos!

  5. Boys definitely have less options than girls when dressing up, but he looks very spiffy in his tie :)

    (Your sister resembles you so much! I thought you changed your hair color for a second!)

  6. Adrian hermoso, que guapo se ve.
    Dari tu hermana y vos son identicas... muy linda ella!!!

  7. The boy is gorgeous, and I hope to goodness your beautiful daughter gets your hair and your sister's hair!

    Que pelo!

  8. Gracias amigas!! And yes, people get a little bit confused with us sometimes, on the phone we sound identical!!


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