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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Instagram Amor: #Latergrams

This might be last Instagram Amor of the year. I can't believe 2014 is almost over!

What I want to share today about Instagram is how I still love to share my day-to-day life there but now I don't stop much at all the moments as I used to before. Lately what happens is that I enjoy the moment more, I still take lots of photos but I share them later. That has given me time to edit my photos how I want, taking my time and not been worried to lose the present, specially when we are out and about with the family!

Although sometimes I want to share so much during the day that I go for it cause otherwise I might forget. Like when we went to San Diego Fair or my sister's wedding. The main thing is that I give myself time and I do it in a comfortable way, so that's why I have lots of more pictures labeled with the #lategram hashtag.

This post has lots of pictures of different moments, of course there is San Diego bay (the one showing the city was when I did kayaking with my sister!), the beach and sand; there is the ones with the familia and the kids at Target always want me to take a picture of them inside that big fun circle. Oh and black and white have a secure spot in my Instagram feed for sure!

- E S P A Ñ O L -

Este a lo mejor será mi última entrega de Instagram Amor este año. ¡No puedo creer que ya queda tan poquito para terminar el 2014!

Hoy les quiero compartir cómo todavía me encanta usar Instagram y poner foticos de mi vida diaria allí, pero ahora no me detengo mucho en todos los momentos como solía hacerlo antes. Últimamente lo que pasa es que disfruto más del momento en vez de compatirlo enseguida. Igual tomo bastantes fotos pero las guardo para después. Eso me ha dado tiempo para editar mis fotos con calma, tomándome mi tiempo y sin preocuparme de perderme algo que esté pasando en el momento presente, especialmente cuando estamos paseando con la familia ¡por ejemplo!

Aunque a veces si quiero compartir mucho en ese mismo instante igual lo hago porque puede que se me olvide! Por ejemplo cuando fuimos a la Feria de San Diego o la boda de mi hermana, ahí compartí bastante fotos. Lo principal es que me doy tiempo y lo hago de una manera cómoda, sin obligarme yo misma a nada y así hay muchas que quedan con el hashtag #latergram.

Este post tiene un montón de fotos de muchos momentos diferentes, por supuesto que está la bahía de San Diego (la foto que muestra la ciudad al fondo fue cuando fuí a hacer kayak con mi hermana!), La playa y la arena; están las de la familia y la de los niños en Target que siempre quieren que les tome una foto metidos en ese círculo rojo inmenso. Ah, y las fotos blanco y negro siempre aparecen en mi feed de Instagram de seguro!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Dulce de Leche Cortada - Curdled Milk Dessert


Today I partnered with Got Milk  to bring you this yummy recipe!

For a long time dulce de leche for me was not that one that looks like caramel, it was this kind: curdled milk dessert. My mom used to make it a lot and it was one of those desserts I asked for constantly.

This curdled milk dessert is not common but I think it represents our culture very well so I made it a long time ago as a gift for one of my sisters in law. She really liked it and recently she asked if I had made it again but no, it's been a while!

Since Thanksgiving is coming up I decided to make this and I will take it for our Thanksgiving dinner. We usually have an intimate dinner at my father in law's and adding the extra latin dish is something I love to do!

This dessert is only made with milk, sugar and lime. It's not necessary to serve a big portion because it's very sweet so I thought it would be perfect for after Thanksgiving dinner which is usually a lot! It's easy to make but it just takes time to cook (about 2 hours so plan ahead). 

As you know the California Milk Processor Board has the new campaign Milk Fuels a Better Future campaign, so I found it a great fit to create this dessert filled with milk that will make the kiddos healthy and strong so they can enjoy the future.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Vegetable Dip and a Fizzy Milk Drink to Celebrate the Latin Grammys!

Easy Vegetable Dip

The Latin Grammys are in two days! I love to have parties for all kinds of awards at home with friends and family but the Latin Grammys are especially cool because of the music. In fact when we lived in LA we hosted a couple of parties to enjoy awards, and we even printed out the nominees for everyone to guess the winners, it is fun.

But right now we don't have live TV, only subscription services plus our apartment is so little but hey, they are excuses I know. The fact is that this year we wont have a get-together, but you can do one!

Today I have 2 SUPER EASY ideas to serve at your get-together for the Latin Grammys:

Monday, November 17, 2014

DIY Photo Keepsake Ornament {Giveaway}

While looking for photos to make Adrian's timeline collage last week each of them brought me back to those moments and it was awesome to be able to see them and remember.

So many moments we live in our lives and they are all part of us but we don't really remember them all, but the photos help us A LOT, so it's nice to have them. No I don't really print as many as I wish I did but that's why I'm talking about it with you today here, because all those moments are special and worth remembering, today thanks to Pampers and with the help of Crafty Chica collection book I'm making these cute photo ornaments to hang for the holidays on your tree or wherever you wish!

Photo Keepsake Ornaments made with Embossing Tin


  • A piece of embossing tin (the one I found was 6 in x 9 in)
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Glass paints
  • Embossing tool
  • A beautiful photo
  • Craft glue
  • Colorful gems
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hole puncher
  • Cord

1. Trace the template (download it here) or draw any figure to make and cut it out with scissors
2. Tape it to the tin
3. Cut out the shape on the tin
4. With a craft knife cut the window opening
5. Mark the lines where the window folds
6. Use the embossing tool to make the designs on the ornament
7, 8, 9 & 10. Apply the paint on the ornament color by color
11. Cut your photo a little bit bigger than the size of the opening and glue it (with the craft glue) to the back of the ornament 
12. Glue the gems with the hot glue
13. Open a hole on the top and add the cord

I made a variation of the template and instead of opening a window I glued a circle photo on top of the ornament.

Hang it and brighten your holidays with your favorite memories!

G I V E A W A Y!

The best part is that #RegaloDeAmorPampers is giving parents a chance to receive a gift basket to help capture those special moments of love with baby. The gifts include Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Wipes, The Crafty Chica Collection Book, and a $25 Michael’s gift card to create your own DIY loving keepsake! Enter on the Rafflecopter at the end of the post.

Thanks Pampers for sponsoring this post! "Pampers Swaddlers are the No.1 choice at local hospitals in Los Angeles and across the country. And now Pampers Swaddlers is available through size 6 to comfort and protect babies through many more moments of love!"

- E S P A Ñ O L -

Mientras que estaba buscando fotos para hacer el collage de Adrian la semana pasada verlas todas me trajo muchos recuerdos de cada uno de los momentos y fue muy chévere verlas y recordarme de cada momento.

Hay tantos momentos que vivimos y todos son parte de nuestra vida pero la verdad no nos acordamos de toditos por eso las fotos ayudan TANTO y es muy chévere tenerlas. Yo no imprimo tantas fotos como quisiera y por eso vengo a hablarles de eso hoy porque todos esos momentos hermosos y especiales hay que recordarlos y hoy gracias a Pampers y con la ayuda de Crafty Chica y su libro "Crafty Chica Collection" les traigo estos adornitos de navidad para guindarlos en el arbolito o donde quieran.

Adornos Navideños con Fotos 

  • Una pieza de metal para repujar
  • Papel para calcar
  • Lápiz
  • Tijeras
  • Cuchilla de manualidades
  • Pinturas para vidrio
  • Lápiz de repujado
  • Una foto 
  • Pegamento blanco
  • Joyas de colores para manualidades
  • Pegamento caliente
  • Abre huecos
  • cordón

1. Calca la plantilla (bájala aquí) o dibuja cualquier figura que te guste y córtala con tijeras
2. Pégala con dos tiritas de teipe al metal
3. Corta el metal en la forma de la figura
4. Con una cuchilla corta la abertura de la ventana
5. Marca las líneas donde la ventana se abre (no cortes)
6. Usa el lápiz para repujar y haz diseños en el adornito
7, 8, 9 y 10. Aplica pintura en el adorno
11. Corta la foto un poquito mas grande que la abertura de la ventana y pégala con pegamento blanco a la parte de atrás del adorno
12. Pega las joyas con el pegamento caliente
13. Abre un hueco en la parte superior y añade el cordón

Yo hice otro adorno con una variación de la plantilla y en vez de abrir una ventanilla le pegué una foto en forma de círculo en la parte de arriba.

¡Cuélgalos en las Navidades para que tengas presente esos momentos favoritos de toda la familia!

S O R T E O !

Lo mejor de todo es que #RegaloDeAmorPampers está dándole el chance a padres que reciban una cesta de regalos para capturar todos esos lindos momentos con los niños. El regalo es pañales Pampers Swaddlers, toallitas Pampers, el libro de Crafty Chica Collection y una tarjeta de regalo de Michael's de $25 para que ustedes también hagan su propio ornamento. Aquí en el Rafflecopter pueden participar.

¡Gracias Pampers por patrocinar este post! "Pampers Swaddlers es la primera opción de los hospitales en Los Ángeles y en todo el país. ¡Y ahora está disponible hasta la talla 6 para confortar y proteger a los bebés por muchos más momentos de amor!"

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Adrian is 8 Years Old!

Yes it's true what everybody says: They grow up so fast! I can't believe it. 

Today Adri makes me feel so proud and happy, watching him grow, discover the world and develop into this little man he is becoming is very exciting.

His birthday marks my birthday of becoming a mom as well and 6 months later this blog was born all because of him. These 8 years we have all grown a lot and I'm excited about what comes next!

He is very affectionate, he LOVES his sister and takes care of her, he is responsible, independent and always willing to help.

Hijo, I am here with you always, guiding your way the best I can and learning with you, I love you so so much. Happy Birthday! Your mami.

- E S P A Ñ O L -

Si, es verdad lo que dice todo el mundo: ¡Crecen muy rápido! Simplemente no lo puedo creer cuando veo las fotos de cuando nació y cuando era chiquitico.

Hoy Adri me hace sentir muy contenta y orgullosa, verlo crecer, descubrir al mundo y desarrollarse para convertirse en este pequeño hombrecito es muy impresionante. Su nacimiento también marca el día en que me convertí en mamá y después de 6 meses también nació este blog, ¡todo debido a él! Estos 8 años hemos crecido todos inmensamente y aquí seguimos emocionados de ver lo que sigue.

Adri es muy muy cariñoso, ADORA a su hermanita y la cuida, es responsable, independiente y me ayuda mucho. 

Hijo, estoy aquí contigo por siempre, guiando tu camino en lo que más pueda y aprendiendo contigo, te quiero mucho mucho mucho. ¡Feliz cumple nene! Tu mami

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Milk Jug Monsters Craft


Today I partnered with Got Milk  to bring you this fun craft!

We go through lots of milk jugs here and I've always wanted to do something creative with them so that's how these milk jug monsters were born, they are perfect!

Before I get into the step-by-step instructions of this fun milk jug craft I want to warn you that this craft/activity might be more fun and addicting than what it looks! Oh my gosh, the kids and I didn't want to stop making these monsters!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Duct Tape Mania and Rubber Band Mania {Review and Giveaway}

Every time I see craft books I want to review them to see all the ideas, and they are always very helpful not just for me but for the kids. They of course love to craft by now and ask me what's next all the time.

I did not even tell the kids to pick a craft from the books, as soon as they saw them they took a look and decided what they wanted to do: The Bow and Arrow from the Rubber Band Mania book, I actually didn't think they were going to pick that one but I followed their lead and helped them out.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Four Cheese Plantain Tart | Pastel de Plátano 4 Quesos

Four Cheese Plantain Tart -

Any chance I get, I try to cook with plantains (see my last plantain recipe here), and I love those new cuisine fusion type restaurants that create delicious dishes mixing plantains in new and different ways, I want to learn to do more new dishes like those! Which at them moment I don't know exactly what they are but I know they are amazing.

Well, today I bring you a regular plantain dish I used to eat a lot in Venezuela, only with different type of cheese.

I made this Four Cheese Plantain Tart for Amigas de Comida Kraft and I used those convenient bags that Kraft has with different type of cheeses: Mozzarella, Colby, Monterey and Parmesan.


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