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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Escalating Light | Luz mecánica

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Instagram Amor: Hola, come on in!

I was feeling a need for some Instagram Amor in the blog! So I looked up the last time I posted it and it was about 3 months ago, no wonder! It so nice to compile them here and share them in a different formats, the blog needs it once in a while don't you think?

I love the top photo that says HOLA! I had fun making shapes with little plants that I collected around here and then added the text with the WordSwag app. And below are some of my food photos that coincidentally they all have some kind of white background so they looked good here all together.

The sunsets continue to roam around my Instagram feed although the last one was in March so I think I need to change that soon. One of the images here may look like sunset but it's a sunrise which I caught while running, I now run super early before everybody is awake in the house and that was right after the sunlight saving time changed and the sunrises were amazing! Can you guess which one is the sunrise?

It's nice to look at an Instagram feed and discover a little but of what the person's life is lately. I think you can see something like this in mine:
  • There is always some type of crafts going on, be it the kids or me doing them.
  • Outdoor San Diego is a must too, culture, art and the bay and the beach for sure.
  • Yes, at least a couple of selfies. 
  • Some yummy food and drinks.
  • Kid's activities and whereabouts always show up ;)
  • Oh and this time there is a baby photo of me which is unusual.
What do you think? Does that cover what's going on in my Instagram feed at the moment? If you don't follow me there, you can go here and follow me! Gracias for coming in my Instagram casita today!

- E S P A Ñ O L -

Ya como que hacía falta poner Instagram Amor en el blog. Busqué cuando fue la última vez que lo puse, y fue hace unos 3 meses, con razón ya hacía falta! Es tan chévere poder compartirlos aquí en un formato diferente, el blog necesita los Instagrams de vez en cuando ¿no creen?

La foto de arriba que dice HOLA me encanta. Me divertí mucho haciendo formas con maticas y florecitas que agarré por aquí cerca de mi casa y luego le añadí texto con la aplicación WordSwag. Las siguientes son fotos de comida que por casualidad todas tiene fotos blancos y entonces se ven bien chévere juntas.

Las puestas de sol siguen apareciendo en mi Instagram aunque la última que puse fue en marzo... Creo que tengo que cambiar eso pronto! Una de las fotos que puse en el post puede que parezca una puesta de sol, pero es un amanecer que tomé mientras trotaba un día tempranito, ahora corro muy temprano antes de que todo el mundo se despierte en la casa y eso fue justo después de hora y los amaneceres eran increíbles! ¿Puedes adivinar cuál es el amanecer?

Es chévere ver un feed de Instagram y descubrir un poco más de lo que es la vida de la persona. Creo que en mi feed pueden ver algo así:
  • Siempre hay algún tipo de manualidades, ya sea con los niños o yo solita.
  • Fotos de lugares al aire libre de San Diego de seguro. De la cultura, el arte y de la bahía y la playa con seguridad.
  • Por lo menos un par de selfies.
  • Comida y bebidas!
  • Las actividades de los niños y lo que están haciendo muchas veces aparece.
  • Ah, y esta vez una foto mía de cuando era chiquitica aunque eso es poco usual en mi feed :)
¿Qué piensan? ¿Esa lista cubre como se ve mi Instagram en estos días? Si aún no me siguen ahí, pueden ir a este link y seguirme! ¡Gracias por venir en mi casita de Instagram Amor el día de hoy!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Manjar de Piña | Pineapple Gelatin Delight

This post is part of  Amigas de Comida Kraft. As always, all opinions, ideas, and stories are 100% my own.

May definitely started with Mother's day celebration. And when I think about that celebration, one of the events that comes to mind is the celebrations we had when I was growing up, we would celebrate with the whole family that by then the all lived nearby. We would gather at my grandma’s house to celebrate all the moms in our family.

Food was so important in this party and it was delicious. My aunts, all of them great cooks, would each make something delicious. And of course, the desserts table was huge! There would be cakes, gelatins and much more.

Gelatin always caught my attention, because many times there were sophisticated and different. Among them, there is a special one that is very traditional and delicious, called Manjar de Piña (Pineapple Delicacy), and it is a combo between gelatin and mousse because it is light plus it's very easy to prepare.

You can see the recipe at ComidaKraft right here: Pineapple gelatin delight.

- E S P A Ñ O L -

Este post es parte del programa de Amigas de Comida Kraft. Como siempre todas las opiniones, ideas e historias son 100% mías.

El mes de Mayo empieza a celebrarse con el día de la Madre y cuando pienso en esa celebración me acuerdo casi siempre de cuando era niña, celebrábamos con toda la familia que en ese entonces estaba toda cerquita, nos reuníamos en casa de mi abuela a festejar a todas las mamis de la familia.

La comida era muy importante en la fiesta y era divina, mis tías todas muy buenas cocineras se encargaban de hacer cada una algo muy rico y por supuesto la mesa de los postres ¡era inmensa! Había pasteles, gelatinas y mucho más.

Las gelatinas siempre me llamaron la atención, porque eran muchas veces sofisticadas y diferentes, entre ellas hay una especial que es muy típica y deliciosa, se llama Manjar de Piña, es como una combinación entre gelatina y mousse porque es suavecita, además muy fácil de hacer.

Pueden ir a Comida Kraft a ver la receta: Manjar de gelatina de piña.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Orleans: Beyond Bourbon Street

This is my third and final post about New Orleans, you can check the first post about my trip and explore New Orleans with me here and my second post about exploring around Bourbon Street right here.

After visiting the most famous parts of New Orleans it was time to head to the other direction. Every time we came out of the hotel, my little voice in my head was telling me: Pssst, you want to turn right this time instead of always left and explore what's on this side, please, let's go?!

So I was finally able to do that, thankfully I had my sister with me, I do love a photowalk with company and my sister was willing to wait meanwhile I stopped everywhere to take photos!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Room Service

A super delicious breakfast we had the opportunity to enjoy not too long ago. It's good to have the photo to remember it!

Un desayuno delicioso que tuvimos la oportunidad de disfrutar hace poco. Es chévere tener la foto para recordarlo!

Friday, May 08, 2015

DIY Wood Bead Necklace {Giveaway}

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Pampers. All opinions, ideas and stories are 100% my own. Este post es parte de una colaboración patrocinada con DiMe Media y Pampers. Todas las opiniones, ideas e historias son 100% mías.

I love to celebrate Mother's Day and I love the gifts that the kids make for me even more, even if it's a little card, they are just the best! I think every mother probably loves it right? I am excited for Sunday to come and see what will the kids make me and spend the day together.

On my side I often try to give handmade gifts to my mom and this time I decided to make her a necklace, she loves necklaces! (if you check the pictures I posted in this post she's often wearing bead necklaces).

I've seen these type of wooden necklaces all over the internet and I wanted to try my version of them so I finally did!

It really is super easy and it's something you can do with the kids too, Maya said she wanted to do one with me, so we will be making more during the weekend, maybe she can make one for me too!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Looking Away

Monday, May 04, 2015

Shredded Chicken Mexican Tostadas

This post is Sponsored by Mazola a través de Mode Media. All opinions, ideas and stories are 100% my own. Este post está patrocinado por Mazola a través de Mode Media. Todas las opiniones, ideas e historias son 100% mías.

This mexican dish is actually the first mexican food I tried ever. At home and at family get-togethers it was a go-to dish. I think it's because it's so easy to put together and easy to share as well. Everybody grabs the toppings and make them themselves as they like, it's fun!

The important part of it is the meat that choose to use. My favorite is shredded chicken and I love to make it all the time at home, to fill empanadas, to eat with rice, with pasta or more.

To tell you a little secret I was so in love with this mexican dish that I convinced my mom one Christmas to eat tostadas instead of the traditional hallacas! How crazy is that?! Well, you don't have to the same but since 5 de Mayo celebration in coming tomorrow this is a perfect 5 de Mayo de dish!


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