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The broken record

Well, this post was going to be very different than it is. The title was even called “Back to normal Adrian”. I had it almost done, I just needed to add the pictures… and then it happened again. Adrian had another seizure. This time he came with me to work, just for fun and he was fine until 5 min before he had it I was feeling him warm but he was just playing with some cars. Anyways, it wasn’t that long or that big, at least it seemed to me and I was more calmed too. I’m thankful that I decided to take him for no reason that day because he was with me when it happened. We took him to his pediatrician right after and she found everything fine, she also recommended to take some blood work and urine test. We are in the process of the other tests.

We just went last Saturday to take the MRI, I had written this story:
Last Saturday we took him to his MRI scan (this is all because of his seizures). It was an experience. I realized how weak I am when it comes to medical stuff. I’m glad we where both there (Derek and me). Specially for the part when they have to sedate him and he falls sleep but his eyes and mouth are open, it’s a bit scary but it’s normal. But I couldn’t be in the room looking at that or else I was going to faint. It took us the whole morning without eating or drinking anything (requirements for the scan) and after 12:30pm we headed to have some lunch and everything was back to normal, the boy ate like there was no tomorrow, devoured everything. We still have to go take an EGG test and then to the Neurologist for the analysis of results…

…The results just came in yesterday and everything is fine! But it’s so scary that he has seizures all the time. Well, we are hoping to finalize the tests very soon and go see the specialist for more answers.


We played with bubbles for the first time the other day, it was very fun as you can imagine. He even said bubbo, bubbo, bubbo, repeatedly as we made them. He’s starting to repeat a lot of words that we say (mainly what interests him, not what we want).

More words:
GORSE: horse
PEESH: sheep
BUBBO: Bubbles
MOONE: Good Night Moon (the title of the famous book)
AHH DO!: All done! (signing it when he’s done eating or done reading a book, etc)
MA: mas (“more” in spanish)
NO QUIE: No quiero (“I don’t want any” in spanish)
PUCH: Chupon -pacifier in spanish- (this one has changed and evolved from PO to PUCH?!, I think he calles it puch as if you turned around the word backwards or something!)

I realized how much he likes to learn and say new words so we went and got him more word books, the ones where there is a picture per page and he loooves to look at them and name them, he brings the book to us so we can ask him to name the pictures, and so he does, he doesn’t know all of them but it doesn’t know one he makes a word up like if he’s right! Soo cute!

On Sunday we headed to beach again, Adrian really liked the water this time and even though he was shaking he didn’t want to leave the water, he played with the sand, ate some of it and also wanted to grab and play every ball he saw out there!

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